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Patrick Harrington




Patrick Harrington is a real Wyoming writer. His songs of freestone rivers, sprawling mountains, spring snow storms, and deep canyons feel at home in Wyoming. And that's because they are, Patrick has been singing his songs through the woods of Wyoming for nearly 10 years. Patrick is the lead singer/songwriter and plays that boom-chick guitar.

Jackson Clarendon



Three year old Jackson Clarendon begged his folks to buy him a violin. Sensing childhood impulsiveness, they waited for him to quit asking. When he didn't they were left no choice but to give in. Jackson is the other founding member of the group. Jack Action met Patrick in a basement in Laramie, singing folk songs - and formed the band the next day. Jackson plays Mandolin, Fiddle, Banjo,  and sings harmony vocals.


Ryan Bell



Ryan Bell’s musical stylings are the mark of a trained and talented musician. Ryan has played in every thing from symphony halls to electronic bands. He'll never be your average drummer, Ryan feels more in a single note than anyone... them drums are alive!


Lucas Woodbury




The Woodsman, Luke Woodbury. An original member of the band, Luke took some time off to explore other musical avenues before getting all nostalgic and coming back, thank goodness. Lucas is an tactful musician, King of the Bass Face, and above all else a creative, high-quality, human



Collin Ingram




Collin Ingram is a producer, guitarist, and bassist based in Fort Collins, Colorado. Ingram began his career playing upright bass in Northwestern Wyoming and Montana with esteemed groups like Ronnie Bedford and Friends, the Jeff Troxel Trio, and Homebrewed. In 2012 Ingram relocated to Fort Collins where he founded State Line Studios and served as music director of the Downtown Artery. In 2015 Ingram co-founded the record label Strange Light Records. Ingram currently serves as the Business Director of Strange Light Records and as the Treasurer of Bridgeway Recording. Collin produced Libby Creek's 2015 release Postcard Skies.


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