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We are the Libby Creek Original.



The Libby Creek Original is a mainstay of the Wyoming music scene. Singer/songwriter Patrick Harrington and mandolinist Jackson Clarendon met in a basement in early 2012, and haven't quit singing together since. Early on they added Lucas Woodbury on bass, Ryan Bell on drums, and Collin Ingram on electric guitar. And with that they take their music to the picture-perfect Wyoming skies and landscapes they so often sing about. Taking their name from their backyard playground in the Snowy Range Mountains, the Libby Creek Original has a deep connection to the mountains and the rivers that flow from their peaks. Their time in the woods become introspective songs about rivers, mountains, and high country plains that tell the story of wild Wyoming living, while energetic arrangements propel dancers to their feet.


"Move to the mountains, the Devil don't like the cold."



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