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Postcard Skies


"Some memories are smoke others are carved in our bones"


This is the biggest thing we've ever done. Libby Creek is hard at work with Collin Ingram at the Downtown Artery in Fort Collins, Colorado on a brand new album.


When I first moved to Laramie I saw a sunset that is etched into my bones. The sky burned at the horizon, and the purple smoke faded into a dark haze above me. In that moment an airplane flew straight toward the horizon creating what looked like a drop of paint in a Postcard Sky. Years later I still see that celestial paint drop every time I look up in to these wide-open Wyoming skies.


Where we are from is a huge part of how we were as boys, and who we are as men. Its the foundation of all we have built. Each one of these songs looks at the grandeur of this state, the people who thinnly in inhabit it, and those skies.

In the spirit of these Postcard Skies we'll be floating these things all over the globe. $6 for 1 CD, two of them for $10 - why buy two?
Our record is going to be a real life postcard, and we want you to share our music with your friends. We will help you surprise a friend anywhere by sending out a copy of Postcard Skies for you.


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Hawthorne Road

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Judgment Day

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Mountain Air

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